Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A GREAT report card!!

Six months ago, I took Maya to my dentist appointment so that she could see what happens during a routine cleaning. The entire office was SO nice to her. My hygienist even offered Maya a job! She was going to assist her to clean my teeth. Here is what she did:

1. Helped with the x-rays
2. Squirted water in my mouth
3. Suctioned out the water (tried to suction my lips and tongue a few times)
4. Got to hold an extra mirror in my mouth
5. Held a few instruments until she started to pick holes in her pants
6. Got to wear "sun glasses" just like me
7. Even got a chance to sit in the chair

Maya loved the entire experience! We made an appointment for her and last Friday was the BIG day. I will just tell you that from start to finish, Maya was a SUPERSTAR!! When we walked in, Maya went up to the receptionist's desk and said, "I am here for my cleaning." The gal replied, "we are excited you came." Maya looked at me and said, "me too mommy." We sat down and Maya waited patiently for her hygienist to call her. A few minutes later, Maya looked at me and said, "mommy, I am a big girl and I don't want you to come back with me. You and Brooklyn stay here." I tried to explain to her that I needed to come back just in case she or the dentist had a question for me. She looked at me and said, "if they ask me a question and I don't know the answer, I will come and get you." (Honestly, she would have done just fine. It was her first time at the dentist and I just didn't want to miss out.) Just then the door opened and Maya said to the hygienist, "is it Maya's turn?" Debbie said "yes, come on back." We all headed back. Maya was bouncing off the walls with excitement! She sat down in the chair, put the "sun glasses" on and said, "I'm ready."

First Debbie squirted water in Maya's mouth to show her what it would feel like and how the suction would sound.

Then Debbie started to clean her teeth.

Maya was a champ in keeping her mouth open!

Maya thought it was silly that Debbie had to count her teeth. (The good news is all her teeth are in and the spacing between each tooth looks great for when her adult teeth come in.)

Maya loved that when Debbie squirted water and then suctioned, it made a piggy noise! I think she rinsed her mouth at least 20 times! Hearing Maya laugh each time was awesome.

While we waited for the dentist, she played with this cool drawing toy.

A GREAT report card.....everything looked perfect. He gave Maya a high five and told her to go pick out her new dentist supplies.

Maya very carefully picked out her new toothbrush (a princess and the frog one), dental floss and toothpaste. Brooklyn during the entire visit was eating apple corn puffs and observing everything. She was SO quiet!

Since she got a great report card, she got to pick out a special treat from the treasure chest.

Maya spent a lot of time (about 15 minutes) picking out the special treat. For her, it was between a package of horses or cool water balloons. In the end it was horses! Now she wants to build stalls for them with her legos.

Maya, mommy and daddy are so proud of you. The fact that you got a great report card and had a wonderful experience is the best! (We just wish we were that excited to go to the dentist each time.)

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Jodi said...

How sweet! She is so grown up!